Reviews for: The Invisible Circus

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“If there were justice in the world, no one would be allowed to write a first novel of such beauty and accomplishment.”
— Pat Conroy

“Wonderful….words glide through her fingers and enter the pores like cool San Francisco fog”
— Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Mesmerizing….told with great assurance and power….Ms. Egan portrays the sisters with a quiet, heartbreaking clarity.”
— New York Times Book Review

“Brilliant in its authenticity and overwhelming passion.”
— Boston Globe Book Review

“A trip that takes the reader through stunning emotional terrain.”
— The New Yorker

“Evocative….an auspicious first novel for a very promising writer.”
— The Washington Post Book World

“A lustrous, intelligent novel that ultimately is less about an era than about timeless human yearnings.”
— The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Wonderful….a triumph….told beautifully and energetically….by a writer who dances right along the scary edges of the material without ever losing control of it.”
— The Boston Sunday Globe

“Jennifer Egan’s The Invisible Circus is a real page-turner. Dramatic, suspenseful and beautifully written, it is also a thoughtful evocation of the world fo 1960’s European radicals, featuring some memorable characters of the past and present.”
— Robert Stone

“Elegant and brilliant….spellbinding, heartbreaking, and told by a master.”
— Cosmopolitan

“A wonderfully light, but finely tuned first novel. Jennifer Egan writes beautifully, her prose evocative and her plot considered and intriguing.”
— Orlando Times

“Extraordinary….Egan’s gift for storytelling captures the era with extreme ……..Her writing is so fresh that it raises goose bumps and causes the heart to race. One can hardly wait for her next work.”
— The St. Petersburg Times

“A startling book, full of unexpected words and sentences. And ideas. Jennifer Egan is a highly original, unusually intelligent writer.”
— Alice Adams

“Adroit….The Invisible Circus deals with a number of compelling themes….[Egan] infuses this book with considerable intelligence and sensitivity.”
— Baltimore Sun

“Punches home like a blow to the stomach.”
— Elle

“Egan attains an electrifying level of emotional intensity that translates into some the most vivid and original descriptions of place found in recent fiction.”
— Booklist (starred review)

“Searing….keenly observed….remarkable for its shapeliness and control….Egan’s strongest suit may be her language.”
— New York Newsday