The Keep

The castle was falling apart, but at 2 a.m. under a useless moon, Danny couldn’t see this. What he saw looked solid as hell: two round towers with an arch between them and across that arch was an iron gate that looked like it hadn’t moved in three hundred years or maybe ever….

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The Atlantic Monthly, October 2006

“Egan’s third novel…is a strange, clever, and always compelling meditation on the relationship between the imagination and the captivities (psychological, metaphysical, and even physical) of modern life.” — Joseph O’Neill

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The AV Club, August 2006

“With The Keep, Egan breaks the mold from page one. Her muscular, lively prose achieves a haunting effect…[The book] maintains a frightening, vertiginous velocity…And the immersion in these high-stakes psychological tightrope acts gives The Keep a page-turning horror…outstanding.”— Donna Bowman

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Bookslut, December 2006 

“One of the questions I had as I worked on this novel was, could a book be funny and scary?”

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 9, 2008

“I think anyone who’s writing satirically about the future of America and life often looks prophetic.”

Poets and Writers (Cover Story) Sept/Oct 2006

Powers of Perception: A Profile of Jennifer Egan/ After the success of Look at Me, her eerily prescient social satire of American life, what did Jennifer Egan turn to next? The gothic novel, of course. By Jessica George Firger

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