Emerald City and Other Stories

Silas has a broken head. It happened sometime last night, outside The Limited on Geary and Powell. None of us saw. Silas says the fight was over a woman, and that he won it. “But you look like all bloody shit, my friend,” Irish says, laughing, rolling the words off his accent. Silas says we should’ve seen the other guy.


“Each of these stories comes fully loaded with believable characters, a story arc, a resolution-all the satisfying elements that seem so elusive in modern fiction. Egan is a generous, gifted, and spellbinding writer.”
—¬†Booklist (starred review)

“Egan’s writing is even more assured and convincing than it was in her debut novel, The Invisible Circus…a writer of admirable ambition and accomplishment.”
—¬†Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“Egan displays a mastery of voice for a young writer…Her voice moves easily and accurately between the characters, her stories as beautifully crafted as they are darkly moving.”
—¬†Charlotte Observer

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