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Encore with Olivia Salazar-Winspear on France 24, 10/6/22

“Reading is a form of resistance.”

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CNN International/PBS, with Christiane Amanpour, 9/29/22

“I’m more moved by curiosity than pessimism.”

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Lunch With the FT, with Alice Fishburn, 8/26/22

“Fiction has been a greedy grab bag from minute one. . . so if we decide that people are only allowed to do certain things in a form that already is imperiled . . . what are you trying to do, just kill it?”

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The Victoria Festival of Authors, with Terese Svoboda, 8/2022

“All of that motion, that playing with perspective, and above all moving in and out of particular consciousnesses—is fiction’s superpower.”

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ABC’s The Book Case with Kate and Charlie Gibson

“If I had to pick one word to describe everything I want to do as a writer and the reason I like to read, it is:  fun.”

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Sway with Kara Swisher, 2/23/2022

Would you upload your consciousness to the cloud?  Jennifer Egan talks about her new book and social media’s “illusion of authenticity.”

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Science vs Fiction at Pioneer Works, with Astrophysicist Janna Levin, 5/2022

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The TED Interview with Steven Johnson, 7/25/22

“Fiction is about confronting the mystery and the complexity of human life.”

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Wheels Off with Rhett Miller, 8/2/22

“The goal is always to keep getting better. That’s what has to happen to stay in it. You have to keep getting better.”

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Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso, 5/22/22

“I’m a big believer in the fact that we all know much more than we realize we know.”

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Elle Magazine’s Shelf Life, 4/5/22

“I had to stop reading Robot Dreams with my young son because I couldn’t repress my grief.”

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Bustle, with Chaya Bhuvaneswar, 5/5/22

“Novels are there to entertain readers, period.”

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The Candy House about family, connection, legacy, technology, and so much more. It is her best work yet.”

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CBC Sunday Magazine, with Piya Chattopadhyay, 4/24/22

Jennifer Egan on the value of storytelling in a data-driven world

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The Irish Times with John Self, 4/23/22

“I know how hard it is to reach a point where anyone gives a damn what you do.”

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Literary Hub with Jane Ciabattari, 4/5/22

“My methodology, such as it is, has amounted to following my curiosity and hoping for the best.”

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KQED Forum with Alexis Madrigal, 4/19/22

Egan joins us to discuss storytelling in our online age and why she considers this book an “homage to fiction.”

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iNews (UK), with Neil Armstrong, 4/30/22

“I just wonder whether, if I’d been rewarded so heavily as a younger writer, would I have gotten better or would it have stopped me?”

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The Independent (UK) with Suze Olbrich, 4/28/22

“Dialogue is impossible if no one will let the other person speak.”

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With Rick Kleffel for KBCZ and KSQD (NorCal), 4/29/22

The Candy House may think the future, the past and the present are all traps, but by any name you care to summon, they still taste sweet.

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GQ, with Clay Skipper, 4/11/22

“I was handwriting postcards to friends of friends, saying, ‘I have a reading, will you come?’”

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PBS News Hour, with Jeffrey Brown, 4/29/22

“In a way, what the book does is simulate this experience of being in a collective consciousness and moving in and out of people’s minds.”

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