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The Days of Yore, 4/18/11

“I was interested in corporeal strangeness.  I wish I could tell you it was about making people well, but I think it was more about wanting to cut them open!”

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Bookmunch (UK) 4/11/11

“Quick views of someone you never get to know are so evocative.”

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Entertainment Weekly:  Shelf Life, 4/3/11

“I just didn’t expect such an idiosyncratic, decentralized book to prompt such strong enthusiasm.”

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NPR:  Word of Mouth, 3/28/11

“Jennifer Egan, MS Powerpoint, and the Rock n ‘Roll Pause”

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BBC News:  Entertainment & Arts, 4/1

“I myself have been robbed many times in many ways – the most egregious being the time someone stole my wallet and then phoned me posing as a bank employee and got me to give her my pin number.”

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Granta:  Online Interview, 3/18/11

“I’m someone who doesn’t necessarily lunge to read ‘experimental’ work, because for me that word tends to connote abstraction, even a kind of severity, rather than a reading experience that might be fun.”

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National Endowment for the Arts Podcast:  Interview with Josephine Reed, 3/24/11

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Psychology Today, 3/25/11

“Hang in there. If things don’t go your way in this round, they may very well the next.”

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Wall Street Journal Speakeasy, 3/24/11

“My cats are a big part of my work life. They’re in and out of here all day long.”

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EMusic, 12/20/11

“One area I find weirdly unpleasant is actually telling my kids stories, like my father used to do.”

Kirkus Reviews, 12/15/11

“In a way, maybe [GOON SQUAD] is a response to the bewildered renegotiation of my relationship to the world.”

The Nervous Breakdown, Nov. 13

Of Time and Tornadoes:  an interview with Dika Lam

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Irish Echo, 9/29

“Everything about the past…is a construction of that present. I wasn’t there. You weren’t there. We’re all imagining it together.”

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The Austinist, 10/1

“Hah! I wish I’d known how to use PowerPoint in time to help me with organizing this wacky book.”

Opening Lines (a website devoted to artists’ beginnings),  9/15

“I’m sorry to say that my crowning achievement [in high school] was a play about the group The Who. I don’t think that’s something I’ll be sharing with the world. I’m not even sure about where it is.”

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Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould, 9/29

Egan assists in making chocolate-dipped macaroons while discussing cabbages and kings.

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Mary Literary, 9/7

“At first I wanted to be a doctor…I was a kid who wanted to dig up graves and look at bodies.”

HITS Magazine’s “Daily Double,” 9/7

“The subconscious can be a very powerful force. And thank God for that, because without it, I would have a sub par IQ.”

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Paper Cuts, the Times Book Review blog, 8/19

“At dinner with a friend recently, the subject of writers’ Web sites came up, and this friend mentioned Jennifer Egan’s website, which she said was “incredible” or “amazing” or some such superlative…I went home and, as soon as I had a spare moment, looked up Egan’s site. That “moment” turned into at least an hour.

The Morning News/Robert Birnbaum, 8/18

“Let’s put it this way: I would hesitate to call anything satire in our culture. Or futuristic.”

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