The LAist

The LAist, 5/10/11

“I think the industry, how books will be created and sold; there are legitimate worries there, but I’m not sure that the death of the book is on the list.”

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The Guardian

The Guardian, 5/7/11

“I think there was a kind of clarity to being reduced to myself in this extreme way.”

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The Days of Yore

The Days of Yore, 4/18/11

“I was interested in corporeal strangeness.  I wish I could tell you it was about making people well, but I think it was more about wanting to cut them open!”

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EW Online

Entertainment Weekly:  Shelf Life, 4/3/11

“I just didn’t expect such an idiosyncratic, decentralized book to prompt such strong enthusiasm.”

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BBC News Online

BBC News:  Entertainment & Arts, 4/1

“I myself have been robbed many times in many ways – the most egregious being the time someone stole my wallet and then phoned me posing as a bank employee and got me to give her my pin number.”

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Granta:  Online Interview, 3/18/11

“I’m someone who doesn’t necessarily lunge to read ‘experimental’ work, because for me that word tends to connote abstraction, even a kind of severity, rather than a reading experience that might be fun.”

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EMusic Interview

EMusic, 12/20/11

“One area I find weirdly unpleasant is actually telling my kids stories, like my father used to do.”

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Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews, 12/15/11

“In a way, maybe [GOON SQUAD] is a response to the bewildered renegotiation of my relationship to the world.”

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Irish Echo

Irish Echo, 9/29

“Everything about the past…is a construction of that present. I wasn’t there. You weren’t there. We’re all imagining it together.”

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The Austinist

The Austinist, 10/1

“Hah! I wish I’d known how to use PowerPoint in time to help me with organizing this wacky book.”

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Opening Lines

Opening Lines (a website devoted to artists’ beginnings),  9/15

“I’m sorry to say that my crowning achievement [in high school] was a play about the group The Who. I don’t think that’s something I’ll be sharing with the world. I’m not even sure about where it is.”

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Cooking the Books

Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould, 9/29

Egan assists in making chocolate-dipped macaroons while discussing cabbages and kings.

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