The Guardian, 9/24/2017

The Guardian, 9/24/2017

“…I’ve learned there is a feeling I have about things that are going to end up in my fiction, a kind of excitement. I have this dream again and again: I find extra rooms in the place where I live. You could say it’s a very New York dream, but I think it’s about writing – the feeling that there is something behind a wall or a door. When I went on my first tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, I had the sense that I was pushing through a wall. I was in a hidden city.”

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Pop Matters 2/21/12

Pop Matters, 2/21/12

“I don’t like this so called high brow versus commercial dichotomy because I feel it isolates both camps in an area that I’m guessing no one particularly wants to be in.”

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Seattle Met

Seattle Met, 1/26/12

“I just love not being attached to a machine…Maybe I lose something in terms of velocity, but I think I gain it in terms of freedom.”

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Huffington Post San Francisco

Huffington Post San Francisco, 10/10/11

“I made a study of what the counterculture consisted of, and it led me into other queries, like the impact of mass media on people’s inner lives, the longing for transcendence as a basic human yearning, the human tendency to wish ourselves in other times and places.”

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal, 9/6/11

A Changed City:  Reflections on 9/11

A Decade After Terrorist Attacks, New Yorkers Remember a ‘Surreal’ Moment, and a Renewed Commitment to Home

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Leonard Lopate Book Club

The Leonard Lopate Show Book Club, WNYC, 7/14/11

Look at Me explores the American obsession with image and self-invention. A fashion model named Charlotte Swenson suffers injuries in a car accident that leave her face so badly shattered that it takes 80 titanium screws to reassemble it. She is still beautiful but is oddly unrecognizable.”

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The Gothamist

The Gothamist, 7/8/11

“I don’t know what I’m doing. That’s the price you pay for doing something different every time.”

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SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle, 6/14/11

“It feels just the right amount of different, so there’s no overlap at all with anything I’ve done before.”

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The National

The National, 6/6/11

“Ideally you would like it to seem true but not actually be true – because then it’s not satire, it’s just realism.”

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NY Magazine Vulture

New York Magazine:  Vulture, 5/11/11

“I think there are ways in which we censor ourselves, that’s the most dangerous kind of censorship — that’s how hegemony works.”

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7×7 SF

7x7SF, 05/16/11

“I think the city was in a sleepy hangover, and the echo of the ’60s was everywhere.”

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